Thursday, 14 June 2018

Cloud Hosting: Why Azure is the best choice

Thinking about the cloud? Then you should be thinking about Azure

Is it time to wave a final goodbye to those dusty, energy-consuming old servers? The requirement for their own dedicated storage space, security from theft and ventilation certainly brought a certain amount of inconvenience, not to mention the continual upgrades and the cost of maintenance. These are just a handful of reasons why organisations are welcoming the migration to the cloud.

With a more convenient way to store our data and host our systems, it’s no wonder so many manufacturers have been keen to embrace the change. It is estimated 66 per cent of global manufacturers are using public cloud storage for two or more enterprise applications, according to recent data from IDC Research.

Manufacturers today care about integrated digital and physical systems. They want to connect equipment and factories and leverage data from the factory floor to the customer call centre to improve every aspect of their operations. Cloud hosting can facilitate not just this, but plenty more besides.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it is working with the OPC Foundation to ensure that the millions of devices and applications that are already compatible with the OPC UA standard are also compatible with Windows devices and the Azure cloud. This open standard enables virtually any industrial IoT scenario, including those built with decades-old equipment, to be developed on Microsoft Platforms.

Microsoft has also worked with General Electric (GE) to give users access to its industry-leading Predix platform on Azure. This will make it easier for Predix users to integrate their data into their Azure applications like Office 365 and Power BI, as well as offering them a host of advanced functionalities on Azure, such as natural language technology (Conversation as a Platform), artificial intelligence, advanced data visualization, and enterprise application integration.

What are the key benefits that manufacturers can expect from Azure?

Increase operational efficiency

Azure offers a modular cloud-based infrastructure that allows a complete move to the cloud, or integration with on-premise servers. The ability to scale up or down when needed drives greater efficiency and reduces expense. 

Enable worker productivity 

Giving employees efficient technologies can free them to achieve more. Microsoft Azure and its associated tools enable workers to become more collaborative, more informed and work more flexibly, without sacrificing trust or security.

Expand customer engagement

Smart cloud technology from Microsoft Azure can help manufacturers of any size deliver a connected and personalized customer experience. Microsoft tools provide insights about your customers that allow you to build more profitable, loyal relationships. 

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