Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Is it time your datacentre had an upgrade?

Data Centre Modernisation

Is your data centre using technology that is no longer supported? Don’t wait too long before reviewing your options.

Migrating away from old technology is never an easy task, but it is a necessity. Dated infrastructure can throw up all sorts of problems, especially when it comes to supporting new systems and hardware. Using old servers can also present a potential security risk. If the idea of migrating to new server(s) is filling you with dread, don’t let it. With the right IT partner, a server migration will be a lot less painful than you expect.

Through its expertise in data centre planning and management, Systems Assurance were able to come to the aid of a Sheffield manufacturer who had been using outdated technology for data processing and storage. The client had been maintaining thousands of Windows Server 2003 workloads which had past the end of life support date in 2015.

System Assurance were brought on board for the assessment project, which involved the analysis and documentation of all workloads still running on Windows 2003. Refresh IT’s “Refresh Insight Servers and Applications” (RIS&A) software was used to collect and collate this information, allowing Systems Assurance to provide the customer with a detailed report. The report outlined the server and applications infrastructure and the most appropriate replacement for these services, utilising either Microsoft Azure or on-premise deployment of Windows 2012 R2, or a hybrid combination of both.

The report gave precise Azure sizing in terms of both IaaS and PaaS models, as well as options for upgrading to new on-premise servers. Applications compatibility for moving the customer’s apps to modern platforms was also analysed, allowing the customer to cost all options for migration. This detailed report could then be shared around the key stakeholders in the business, giving them complete clarity on the steps involved, timelines, risk mitigation and capex and opex costs.

If it’s time for you to review your infrastructure, why not get in touch with Systems Assurance for an initial consultation? We can help reduce the pressure and workloads on your existing IT team and provide you with expert and impartial advice on your migration options.

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