Friday, 17 November 2017

7 Questions to ask your cloud provider

Whether you've moved your infrastructure to the cloud or thinking about it, there are 7 key questions you should be asking your provider.

1. Who owns the data you are moving to the cloud?

Your provider should have a clear answer on where your data will be stored and who owns it. What will they be doing with that data and how much control do you have over it.

2. How important is the privacy of your data to them?

What privacy controls do you get with their standard subscription? Are you able to control the privacy features of your data and what impact on functionality do the various control levels have to accessibility, speed, compatibility etc..

3. Do you know where your data is being stored?

Where in their service is your data being stored, not only what country but what is the architecture around it? Who has access to your data and are you able to access reports on its usage?

4. How secure is your data in their infrastructure?

What levels of certification have the data centres achieved that will be hosting your data? Security is a mix of physical and virtual access. Ask to see external audit reports for their data centres, policies and control reports which they have adhered to as part of the accreditation process.

5. Have they got a published uptime percentage figure that they adhere to, if not why?

What business continuity procedures do they follow, what best practices does the service provider design into their systems including redundancy and resilience.

6. Is the data owned by you?

When you've had enough of them, is the data easily moved from their service?
Can you download a copy of your data any time? Are their penalties for downloading or removing your data from their service?

7. How often are you updated on changes?

When things change, are you notified immediately? How will you be notified and will the consequences of those changes be highlighted. Service breaches are often reported in the news before customers are aware of them taking place, that's too late!

Contact Systems Assurance and ask us those questions or speak with your account manager, I'm sure you will like all our answers...

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