Friday, 7 July 2017

GDPR Cloud Compliance Fast Track

GDPR & 365 = GDPR Cloud Compliance Fast Track

Systems Assurance are qualified in Office 365 Migrations and GDPR Compliancy. We have a service that clears this all up in one project.

Our GDPR Cloud Compliance Fast Track service will combine these two projects into one.


    Are you confused about Office 365 and migrating your email to the cloud?
      Don't you know if GDPR Compliancy EU regulations apply to your business?

      Systems Assurance engineers have been delivering Microsoft Cloud migration services for almost 10 years. We've added another little trick to their our engineers have GDPR compliancy skills and can offer workshops and audits whilst on site.

      We don't believe in charging you multiple times for related projects, whilst our engineers are on site they can perfom both tasks. Obviously, the project is a little longer and a little more expensive than a single project, however combining the projects saving many thousands of pounds.


      Most companies hold personal information in the form of employee or customer personal records and therefore must ensure they are compliant with the Data Protection Act. For those organisations wishing to trade with the European Union, they should be getting ready to also comply with the GDPR.

      Systems Assurance offers an advice service to ensure that organisations have the policies, controls, processes and awareness, which will minimise any risk of a Data Protection regulation breach and prosecution.

      GDPR breaches will incur fines of up to €20 million (or 4% of company turnover) and for breaches of the DPA fines of up to £500,000 can apply.


      Systems Assurance Ltd is a professional services partner delivering solutions across the whole of the UK helping to deliver your IT solutions on time and within budget with minimum downtime.

      To ensure a successful and trouble free migration from expensive legacy systems to the Microsoft 365 solution, including Exchange, Archives, Documents, folders, permissions, as a first step, there is a comprehensive analysis and design phase. This initial phase provides the basis for the migration and ensures that user expectations and benefits are realised by the migration program to the Cloud.

      The Jump Start Service will start with a feasibility workshop which will discuss the holistic migration process, where it will fit into your business and identify potential areas for a proof of concept. From here an analysis phase will be undertaken looking at the following key areas:

      Information gathering

      System preparation

      Configuration of Migration Tools

      Validation of configuration

      Pre-Stage/Staged Migration



      Ensure that security, compliance and regulatory requirements are maintainable during migration and on the 365 platform

      Ensure a seamless migration with no downtime or interruption to applications.

      If you are interested in talking to someone about our services please call our team on 0114 292 2911 or email